It’s November 2020, and undoubtedly, your Human Resources department is knee-deep in their day to day responsibilities. Human Resources are dealing with personnel issues, payroll, benefit renewals, and training, and now they have the added Covid-19 protocols. Now you need to hire a key management position; who can you bring in to assist with hiring of this vital management position?

Let me make a case for outsourcing to an executive recruiter, like Autopeople, and give your Human Resources department a break to take care of all their other obligations.

Think of Autopeople as an extension of your Human Resources that is available to do an exhaustive search to find terrific management candidates. You might be concerned about the costs involved in using an automotive management recruiter. But, the expense of using a recruiter is probably less than the loss of manpower and revenue from leaving key management positions open.

And here are the advantages of using Autopeople.

    • Good candidates often don’t apply to online ads because they either don’t get responses or still have a job. Autopeople has a database of management professionals and our pulse on good candidates throughout the country. More and more talent want to work with recruiters because they know if they are qualified, we get them in front of the right people.
    • Sometimes candidates don’t think they are a good fit for a job, so they don’t bother to apply. Autopeople talks to a lot of people. We specialize in automotive and dealership recruitment. We get to know potential candidates through phone calls and video interviews, and we screen potential candidates to find the best fit for you and your dealership.
    • We listen to your needs and find out who you want to hire. Autopeople takes pride in finding those managers who can drive sales and help your Dealership to succeed. We can help close the deal with candidates you really want and who fit your Dealership philosophy. We have a 73% success rate with people placed five years ago who are still with their company.
    • Autopeople can offer solutions to help entice great candidates from other markets. As a recruiter, I know what jobs are open in different markets and what offers will bring in the best talent. At Autopeople, we have a 97% offer-to-acceptance rate.

With the busy holiday season upon us, now is a terrific time to discuss your hiring needs. Autopeople has the time, energy, and resources to find candidates that can adapt to the changing automotive industry. Visit our website today at, call 1-800-659-9501, or email me at to find out more about how Autopeople can supplement your Human Resources.