As we come into this holiday season, dealerships bustle with holiday shoppers looking for a deal. Good leadership can take advantage of this influx of customers, helping them to purchase new vehicles, accessories for their favorite people on their list and taking care of service needs so they can attend all those family functions.

Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when human resources are bogged down with benefit renewals and staffing constraints due to vacations and illness. Human resources may not have the time or energy to do the hiring of key management positions with all their other obligations.

So how can you alleviate those feelings of being overwhelmed and help get things done? It’s as simple as seeking out a specialist such a management recruiter like Autopeople, to take care of specific tasks and bring calm to a busy place.

Autopeople can help with management recruitment and take the burden of an extensive search for the right candidate from a busy human resources department. Think of a recruiter as an additional pair of hands to network, screen, and negotiate with potential management candidates. At Autopeople, we look for highly qualified candidates outside the normal channels, so you get the best managers for open positions. Ultimately saving you time.

Another advantage of using a recruiter is that we are aware of what jobs are open in other markets and know what might entice a terrific management candidate to choose your dealership over another. And we can help close the deal with candidates you really want and who fit your dealership philosophy.

If you have great management in place, you’ll be in the best position to accommodate a busy, stressed-out customer in the service drive or an enthusiastic new buyer on the sales floor. If you don’t have top-notch staff in place so customers have a great experience, it could be the difference between making a sale or them moving on to your competitor down the street. And there is no better advertisement than customers who tweet, Facebook, yelp and share with their family and friends about the wonderful service they received at your dealership.

Great management can keep order and is the key to a successful business. Let Autopeople find the best managers to meet your dealership needs. Visit our website at, call 1-800-659-9501 or email me at to find out how Autopeople can help.