Creating a culture of learning at your automotive dealership is essential for staying competitive and growing your business.


According to recent reports, the average compensation of workers in automotive dealerships is over $100,000 annually, so it’s important to ensure that employees are able to learn and grow in their roles. By creating a culture of learning at your dealership, you can retain talented employees and maximize their potential.


Here are six steps to get started.

Understand How Adults Learn Differently Than Children:

When adults learn something, they need to know why they’re doing it and how it will benefit them personally (WIIFM). They also learn best experientially so make sure that there’s room for them to apply their own experiences during the learning process.

Involve Employees in Decision-Making:

Letting employees have control over what they learn and how they learn it will help them buy into the concept and own it. This ownership is essential for ensuring that employees stay engaged with the process and committed to their own growth.

Show Them The WIIFM:

Make sure that employees understand the benefits of learning new skills, such as more money or increased productivity. This will help motivate them by showing them what’s in it for them if they take part in the learning process.

Utilize Technology to Facilitate Learning:

Using technology such as eLearning platforms or virtual classrooms can be an effective way to facilitate learning within your dealership. These platforms provide a variety of tools that can help make learning easier and more engaging for employees, such as quizzes, polls, video tutorials, etc.

Prioritize Professional Development Opportunities:

Professional development opportunities are a great way for employees to stay up-to-date on industry trends and gain new skillsets that can help advance their career paths within your dealership. Encourage employees to take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible by offering incentives or providing assistance with costs associated with attending conferences or seminars related to the automotive industry.

Celebrate Successes & Set Goals for Growth:

Celebrating successes encourages engagement with the learning process, while setting goals provides a roadmap for continued growth within your dealership. Both will foster an environment where staff members take ownership of their own development and strive towards excellence in all aspects of their work life whether it be customer service or salesmanship!


Creating a culture of learning at your auto dealership doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. All it takes is some thoughtfulness about how you approach teaching adults (which differs from teaching children), involving staff members in decision making about what they should be learning, utilizing technology like eLearning platforms when possible, offering professional development opportunities within reach financially, and celebrating successes along the way!


With these steps in place, you’ll have no problem establishing a culture of ongoing education amongst your team – which ultimately leads to success!


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