What goals have you set for your auto dealership this year? Chances are good that you won’t reach them unless you do one thing well.

 Your ability to reach your goals depends on having great sales managers that lead your sales teams. No other role is as essential for closing deals and making money.

Autodealer points out that the people leading your sales department should do two things: “a sales manager should either be working with a salesperson to help him close a deal or talking with a customer to try to close a deal.” Surprisingly, that’s not what you find most managers doing. Many prefer working on dealer trades and prepping for sales events – anything but closing deals.

Instead, they should focus on communicating, which consists of selling, coaching, and training.

How can you find a great sales manager who can do all that?

6 attributes of a great sales manager

Selling, coaching, and training, aka, closing a deal, takes intentional effort. Recruiters suggest interviewing for these six key attributes that indicate greatness in auto department managers:

  1. Hard-working. These leaders roll up their sleeves and accomplish their goals. They don’t spend time on anything that detracts them from their relentless pursuit of sales.
  2. Likes to talk to customers. Sales managers who like to talk to customers are always looking for opportunities to chat, even if it’s just a chance to ask about a recent purchase. For example, asking “How does the family enjoy that car on road trips?” creates a connection that shows interest in the customer’s opinion.
  3. Dresses professionally. When the weather warms up, the sales team may be in polos, khaki shorts, and sneakers. Still, your sales manager should be dressed more professionally – even it means adopting business casual attire on the weekends.
  4. Goal-oriented. Lead salespeople embrace goals because that’s how they measure success: theirs, the sales team, and the dealership.
  5. Understands technology. Online sales and marketing require that leaders embrace technology and use it effectively.
  6. Open to new ideas. As good as the manager is about talking with customers and salespersons, they’re also receptive listeners curious about new strategies and initiatives.

Manager candidates with these attributes can elevate your sales team’s performance.

5 ways to keep your new hire on your team

Once you’ve found (and hired) the leader of your sales department, you’ll have to retain this person. Practical strategies for doing so include:

  • Setting fair work hours.
  • Allowing for family time.
  • Recognizing great performance.
  • Establishing their role as team builders and team players.
  • Encouraging participation in the decision-making process regarding personnel.

Locating, attracting, hiring, and retaining a great sales manager will determine how successful your automotive dealership will be. Your recruiter can help you put the right person in this position.

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