Automotive dealerships are quickly becoming a melting pot of employees from different cultures, generations, and backgrounds. Although there are significant benefits to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, it also presents some unique challenges. For instance, many people that are entering the labor market for the first time might have many different values than their predecessors, as evident in comparing baby boomers to millennials and Gen Z.

What is it going to take to hire and manage employees that haven’t lived in a world without the Internet? We can start by separating the stereotypes from reality. Then, we can focus on learning about their motivations and characteristics to help develop a robust recruitment strategy.

Exploring the Common Traits of Gen Z

Hiring managers will need to transition from filling the traditional cookie-cutter roles to creating personalized career experiences to attract more Gen Z candidates. Even though there are individual differences in any generation, some shared attitudes can help organizations redesign jobs around the skillsets of workers. Automotive recruiters recommend leveraging some of these benefits if you want to match talented people with roles:

  • Promote flexibility – Since Gen Z prioritizes work-life balance, it’s essential to offer them flexible scheduling, multiple weeks of PTO, and remote work.
  • Feature modern technology – Known as the first digitally native generation, organizations have to consider that most Gen Zers are tech-dependent. Promote a tech-friendly work environment because 40% of Gen Zers indicate that they need to be connected most of their day.
  • Offer development opportunity – Those automotive dealerships that provide sales and service managers with ongoing professional development opportunities are recruiting more Gen Z candidates for these roles.
  • Highlight independent working environments – It’s a generation that prefers individual tasks over team-based activities.
  • Be transparent regarding ethics, social impact, and practices – Gen Z candidates want to work for businesses with positive reputations.

Employers: Reimagine the Talent Model

Employers have more efficient options available now to access workers from different generations. From crowdsourcing and gig workers to recruiting services and independent contractors, organizations aren’t just limited to hiring full-time employees anymore. Creating remote work opportunities can remove the barrier of only limiting yourself to local talent pools. In addition to recruiting diverse candidates, organizations should develop profiles of ideal employees, then establish apprenticeship programs to develop talent internally.

If you want to recruit and retain candidates from Gen Z, or any other cohort, you have to learn their behaviors and tendencies. Once you’ve developed that understanding, you can start to personalize career experiences that attract a diverse group of applicants.

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