Typically, October is hiring season. The moment to settle into the holiday season with personnel and marketing plans to drive year-end sales. With the ongoing pandemic, just about everything has changed. Innovation, creativity, and adaptability combined with excellent customer service and local availability can make the difference in whether your Dealership thrives or loses out on new or retains its loyal customers.

And to add to an already crazy 2020, the retail holiday shopping season is here. Yes, it’s only October, but Amazon’s Prime Day is fueling spending and pushing consumers into holiday shopping mode. Is your Dealership’s management prepared to take advantage of a customer’s willingness to spend their money?

The right automotive management team has never been as crucial as it is right now. Everyone needs to take the opportunity to take control of what they can. If your Dealership responds to these changing dynamics with grace and ingenuity, you’ll be surprised by the outpouring of loyalty by customers and employees alike. People want their local stores to succeed and be around for the future.

Great managers need to find innovative ways to bring customers in, especially since they’re now accustomed to online shopping. Dealers might have to get creative to sell their current inventory and make the most out of their Car Sales, Parts, and Service Departments. Spend more time with customers virtually, answering questions, and providing individual customer support. Take this moment to show customers that buying local makes their life simpler, quicker, and even eco-friendly with less shipping materials. Since many of the traditional methods have changed, it’s essential to personally engage customers and give them a reason to shop locally.

And who hasn’t had to change course recently because of something unexpected? Management with the mindset to deal with these challenges, stay calm and compassionate, and deliver amazing customer service, will win out in the long run.

So, with everything going on right now, wouldn’t it be great to have a recruiter, like Autopeople, as an asset to your human resources department to fill your automotive management positions? Autopeople has ten years of full-time automotive management recruitment and does in-depth research for your human resources department. Let us ask the questions and go through the tedious process of finding talented management to maneuver your Dealership through this phase.

At Autopeople, we’re sensitive to the country’s changing dynamics, and our success depends on finding the right candidate to fit your needs. If you’re ready to hire the right people, give Autopeople a call. Visit our website today at www.autocc.wpengine.com, call 1-800-659-9501, or email me at dadragna@autopeople.com to discuss how Autopeople can get to work for you.