You’ve probably thought about hiring a recruiter. If you haven’t, it’s most likely because you have a top-notch human resources department and you don’t want to supplant them. But, have you stopped to look at all the things that your human resources department does on a day to day basis? Human resources motto used to be to attract, retain, and support your organization. What their job actually entails is a long list that includes hiring, training, development, compensation and benefits, labor relations, legal compliance, and risk management. Bottom line, they are very busy.

For many open jobs, the human resources department can do a great job finding people who fit. But consider for a moment, the benefits of seeking out a recruiter to help with crucial management positions. Think of a recruiter, like Autopeople, as a supplement to your HR department. Recruiters can talk to people that your human resources doesn’t know about or people who want to be discreet about looking for a new opportunity. A recruiter’s job is to seek out management prospects who will work in your dealership. We don’t have all those other jobs on our plate and can focus our efforts.

A recruiter doesn’t replace your human resources department. We enhance their ability to get their jobs done. At Autopeople, we get to know what your dealership is all about: your mission, your values, and your future plans. We scower the country for potential candidates and search through our extensive database of diverse job seekers. We screen potential managers and find out if they would be a match for you. We can bring candidates to you that didn’t see or respond to your ads. We do the legwork, ultimately freeing up human resources valuable time.

Do you still feel hiring a recruiter is unnecessary? Take a look at the loss of manpower, revenue, and sheer lack of leadership that leaving a position open for an extended time has created. The faster you hire the right executive manager, the better it is for everyone in your organization.

So…how can Autopeople augment your management search? We’re ready to find the right top-level executives to fulfill your organization’s mission. Visit our website at, call 1-800-659-9501 or email me at to learn more about how Autopeople can be of service to you.