Partner Spotlight on Hiring Automotive Managers and Leaders: Bruce Daugherty, Bruce Daugherty Consulting

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In general, management and leadership are the same across the board. However, automotive sales and service are so unique that industry experience matters greatly. Anyone trying to bluff their way into a manager role or learn as they go will find themselves drowning in a sea of diverse departments and internal protocols.

How to Spot a Great Body Shop Manager for Your Auto Dealership

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Creating synergy between departments in an auto dealership can feel like a Herculean task. Each department must be able to stand on its own yet collaborate seamlessly with the other department. This is especially true of the body shop, and that's why this hire can be critical for your success. [...]

Partner Spotlight: Bruce Daugherty, Bruce Daugherty Consulting

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Bruce Daugherty has built an extensive career in the industry by working his way up in automotive sales and service business since 1981 to executive management, most recently serving as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Sunroad Auto in San Diego. For the last 25 years, he managed in all three [...]

How to Spot A Great Sales Manager for Your Auto Dealership

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What goals have you set for your auto dealership this year? Chances are good that you won’t reach them unless you do one thing well.  Your ability to reach your goals depends on having great sales managers that lead your sales teams. No other role is as essential for closing [...]

Communication Is Vital to Successful Dealerships

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Successful dealerships do a lot of things right to be successful. Whether you’re coordinating inventory orders, expanding your service department, or initiating a new marketing campaign, your success depends on one thing: communication. Without effective communication processes in place, your business may struggle to survive. You could lose out on [...]

How to Spot a Great Parts Manager for Your Dealership

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A skilled parts manager can make your dealership highly successful. Their contributions in managing parts inventory and serving as a liaison between your salespeople and customers are instrumental in generating revenue while keeping costs down. Even when supply chain issues or limited vehicle inventories deplete your projected sales, your service [...]

When To Hire A Controller?

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Things such as filing taxes, tracking revenue, staying on top of receivables and accounts payable, managing employee reimbursements, and administering payroll are all crucial to your business. While it is relatively easy to manage these business tasks in automotive company operations, it can get challenging and increasingly complex as your [...]

How to Spot a Stellar Automotive Service Manager

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Are you struggling to find an ideal Automotive Service Manager who can operate both online and offline? Is it hard to figure out which manager will work best for you? Well, do not worry! Autopeople is here to help you. Having a manager with lots of experience is not enough! [...]

Retain Your Top Managers Using These Tips

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As the costs associated with employee turnover continue to go up, retaining your senior managers and other top talent is essential for a thriving organization. Leaders that make employee retention a priority sooner rather than later benefit from increased performance, higher employee morale, and improved quality of work. But, a [...]

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