When was the last time you revised your resume?


To get noticed by top automotive dealers, you must have your resume in top condition.


A resume is meant to summarize your accomplishments; it is not a biography. If you want to catch a recruiter’s eye — or that of the electronic applicant tracking system software — avoid the temptation to practice your creative writing skills. Stick to trade keywords and powerful action verbs for maximum impact. 


Be fresh, be brave, be bold.


Above all, be concise.


Whether you’re writing your resume for the first time or revising it again, use these strategies to perk up how you present yourself.

Writing the Wow Factor

The content of your resume matters greatly. What have you done that matters to the automotive dealership thinking about hiring you?


One of the ways to get you noticed by top automotive dealerships is to pack a punch in your writing. Focus on:

  • Using power verbs. Instead of “I was overseeing a team of 8 people, write, “Managed team of 8.” “Worked with others on sales initiatives” can become “Collaborated with three departments on sales initiatives.”
  • Go for the numbers. Include statistical data where possible. Collaborated with three departments on sales initiatives” paints a much clearer picture if you write, “Collaborated with three departments on sales initiatives, increasing quarterly sales by 75%.” Show how your work made a difference.
  • Leave some things out. List only your most recent and relevant work. If you’ve been unemployed for a stretch, mention how you spent that time learning. Do not include a picture or salary requirements.


The resume is a skills snapshot that is scanned quickly for pertinent information.

Resume Strategies That Will Get You Noticed by Top Automotive Dealerships

How you present yourself on paper matters to automotive dealers looking to hire top talent. You wouldn’t wear your Saturday-get-the-chores-done work clothes to an interview, and your resume shouldn’t be sloppy and informal either. Your resume is the first indication of the kind of work you do and how much attention you pay to small details.


Consider these nine writing and revision tips for your resume:

  1. Select a classic resume format that is clean and sleek.
  2. Use an easy-to-read non-serifed font like Arial (no smaller than 10-point)
  3. Write a summary statement that explains your work and career goals
  4. Write your contact information below the summary statement
  5. Make traditional sections (experience, skills, education, honors/awards), use bullet lists, and leave white space between each section.
  6. Blend keywords (established phrases found in the job description and company branding) into your descriptions
  7. Add a small pop of color
  8. Proofread, proofread, proofread. Then ask a friend or family member to do the same for you.
  9. Create a customized resume for each company you apply with


When your resume turns into a crystal-clear and value-focused summary of what you have to offer, you’re ready to shop your skills at the top automotive dealerships in your area.

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