Have you ever wondered what sets top-performing dealerships apart from their peers in the auto industry?

According to Cox Automotive, top performers separate themselves by offering digital options, adapting to customer desires, investing in their staff, and utilizing and leveraging data. In this article, we explore these four elements to understand why they are so important for success.

Offer Digital Options

The automotive industry is increasingly becoming digital-first.

Consumers are doing more of their research online before ever stepping foot into a dealership. Therefore, it’s crucial that dealerships focus on optimizing their digital presence to ensure they are presenting customers with the best possible experience. This means having a comprehensive website that is easy to navigate and includes detailed information about vehicle specs and features, financing options, and customer reviews.

It also means providing customers with an effective way to communicate with salespeople via email or chatbot without having to be physically present at the dealership. Offering digital options not only makes it easier for potential customers to find out more about your dealership but also helps them make more informed decisions when it comes time to buy.

Adapt To Customer Desires

Top performing dealerships understand that each customer has different needs and preferences when it comes to shopping for a car. That’s why they strive to provide an individualized experience by getting feedback from customers and tailoring their services accordingly.

This can mean providing more flexible payment plans or creating custom packages that meet the specific needs of each customer. It can also mean being willing to listen and respond quickly when customers have questions or concerns about a certain vehicle or financing option.

By understanding what customers want and adapting accordingly, dealerships can create an environment of trust between them and the consumer which will ultimately lead to increased sales and satisfaction rates over time.

Invest In Their Staff

Top performing dealerships know that a successful business starts with its employees. That’s why many of them work with industry-specific recruiters.

Additionally, they invest in their staff by offering training programs designed to help employees stay up-to-date on industry trends as well as technical knowledge related to vehicles they may be selling such as hybrid electric cars or autonomous vehicles.

These types of businesses recognize the importance of creating a positive work environment where employees feel valued. This environment helps foster loyalty and motivation within their team members over time. By investing in their staff, top performing dealerships are able to create better customer experiences which leads directly into higher sales numbers down the line.

Utilize & Leverage Data

Finally, top performing dealerships leverage data in order to get ahead of trends in the market as well as understand what products/services are resonating most with consumers in order for them to anticipate future demand shifts before anyone else does so that they can adjust accordingly.

They use data-driven insights such as customer demographics or preferences in order to tailor marketing campaigns specifically designed for those target audiences which helps drive more conversions over time.

By taking advantage of data-driven insights, top performing dealerships can stay one step ahead of competitors while positioning themselves for long-term success across multiple markets.


In today’s competitive auto industry landscape, it’s important for every dealership owner/leader looking for success – whether looking at short term gains or long-term results – to understand how top performers separate themselves from others. These steps include offering digital options, adapting easily & effectively according to customer desires, investing in staff, and utilizing & leveraging data.

Doing so allows them to remain competitive and establish themselves as leaders within the marketplace which will result improved performance & greater profits over time. Understanding and implementing these differentiators is key if you want your dealership to stand out amongst its peers.

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