When we think about the holiday season, we often think about the presents we give that bring others joy.  But if the pandemic has taught us anything, being present has become essential for our
personal well-being and business growth.

As a country, we are spending more time online; our physical interactions are now more critical than ever. Automotive, by nature, is a people business. Even though some part of shopping for vehicles
has moved online, customers often still want to test drive and take delivery from a local entity.  They want that personal relationship when making such a large investment.

This year has also changed how new employees are recruited, interviewed, and hired. Online interviewing would seemingly make the process faster, but it’s made it a challenge to get a feel for
candidates personally. And qualified candidates want not only competitive pay and benefits, but it’s important to them that the dealerships and organizations they join are good stewards of the community and make an effort to be environmentally conscious.  Simple things like involvement within the community and climate-friendly automotive manufacturer processes, and local recycling initiatives
will attract the best talent.

It’s all about small modifications that drive excellent customer service and transform an organization towards future success.

Our goal at Autopeople is to recruit the best talent to help your dealership increase profitability, create high customer satisfaction, and promote productivity. If you find yourself thinking that your
management team might not have the wherewithal to move your dealership forward, Autopeople is ready to be your eyes and ears to find the right match.

From all of us at Autopeople, we wish you a prosperous December and a Happy New Year.


David Adragna

Please visit our website at www.autocc.wpengine.com –
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