The majority of managers in the automotive industry appreciate excellent performance with one thing: money. If a salesperson sells X number of cars, he will simply be paid X dollars. However, cash isn’t the only motivational factor. If you desire better outcomes, it is imperative to go deeper and explore what motivates automotive workers to flourish.

In the automotive industry, you must devise a unique incentive strategy that’s fascinating and enjoyable. To help your sales team, bring encouragement to the next level by some mindset changes.

5 Incredible Mindset Changes to Help Your Sales Team:

Use the Strength of Recognition

Recognition for a work well done boosts one’s pride enormously. Moreover, it inspires self-belief and pleasant emotions about one’s achievements among salespeople.

Show your best performers how valuable they are rather than a pat on the back or a congratulations mail. To help your sales team, give them the compliments about a car sale they made which these employees deserve, and have joy with that as well!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Share their achievements on social media. As an automotive company, you will have a relatively large following so be sure to use this to your advantage.
  • Grant them a symbol of success.
  • Give them an exclusive supper or lunch with the general manager/owner of your automotive business.

Reward Your Sales Team for Refusals

You read this right: pay them off for not getting a sale.

Why? You would like to make sure they’re at ease on the sales floor and benefit from every opportunity to interact with clients, given how difficult it can be to sell automotive to certain clients.

We’ve all heard that selling is a game of numbers, more so in this automotive industry. The more opportunities sales staff talk to, the more likely they will make the deal. The main issue is the dread of refusal. Nobody enjoys hearing the word “no.”

Rewarding your employees for refusal achieves two goals:

  • They will have a consistent and robust motive to succeed in the face of rejection.
  • They’ll come in contact with more clients without any fear, which will result in a boost in sales.

Give Bonuses for Staff Member’s Families

Among the most potent motivators is the desire to provide for a salesman’s family. Can a more significant wage work to help your sales team? Definitely!

However, as a parent/husband, bringing home a large prize means more than a slip of paper with a number on it. Concentrate on giving your salesmen something to be proud of that they can bring home and be proud of for a job well done attempting to sell automobiles.

Purchase Desired Office Supplies

When your sales staff hits or surpasses a year-end sales goal, give them something they’ll cherish having in the workplace. Automotive employees have a stressful enough job to sell a company’s product as it is. They want to work in a fun and engaging setting to help with this, and it is even better to customize what products are put into the office.

If one salesperson excels, you can have his name engraved on new workplace furniture as his ultimate performance.

Award Blueprint to Help Your Sales Team

A sales associate will encounter sales growth with the proper resources and blueprint because people trust blueprint signs.

Plus, you can also have a world-class automotive team capable of meeting and surpassing monthly marketing targets. A blueprint will also help your workers to grow more and get a reputation in the automotive industry.


Motivation comes from within, not only in the automotive industry but in every industry! So, concentrate on what is essential! Create prizes you’ve not given previously if you want to change your mindset to help your sales team. Focus on huge emotional motivators like recognition and support for the family.

Your automotive sales team will be more willing to compete and push themselves if you can make your tactics more exciting!

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